Venues 2020

Saturday 22nd February  King William IV, Chigwell.

Sunday 1st March  Prince Regent, Limehouse.

Saturday 14th March  Elm Park Royal British Legion.

Saturday 21st March  La Salette Club, Rainham.

Sunday 29th March  Prince Regent, Limehouse.

Saturday 11th April  Hythe Albion Club, Hythe.

Saturday 3rd May  Ponders End WMC.

Saturday 9th May  Holy cross Conservative Club, Waltham Abbey.

Sunday 10th May  Prince Regent, Limehouse.

Saturday 16th May  The Circus Tavern, Purfleet.
(Guest Appearance on the Joe Longthorne Song Book, with Darren Day & Tracey Jordan)

Sunday 24th May  Prince Regent, Limehouse.

Sunday 31st May  Blackpool (venue to be confirmed).

Saturday 13th June  Elm Park Royal British Legion.

Saturday 4th July  Orpington Royal British Legion.

Saturday 25th July  Private Party, Elm Park.

Saturday 1st August  Private Party, Chigwell.

Sunday 2nd August  Ponders End WMC.

Saturday 8th August  Private Party, TBC.

Sunday 9th August  Prince Regent, Limehouse.

Saturday 5th September  Blind Beggar, Whitechapel.

Saturday 12th September  Central Ward Club, Morden.

Saturday 19th September  Elm Park Royal British Legion.

Wednesday 30th September  Tower Theatre, Folkestone.
(With The Railway Swing Band)

Sunday 4th October  Prince Regent, Limehouse.

Saturday 17th October  La Salett Club, Rainham.

Saturday 24th October   Orpington Royal British Legion.

Sunday 25th October  Ponders End WMC.

Sunday 15th November  Prince Regent, Limehouse.

Sunday 6th December  Prince Regent, Limehouse.

Saturday 19th December  Elm Park Royal British Legion.